Coefficient of Mutual Diffusion

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Coefficient of Mutual Diffusion

A quantity in the kinetic theory of gases which measures the tendency of gases to diffuse into one another in nonturbulent flow.
This diffusion coefficient is a property of the gases in question and of the assumed nature of the molecular impacts in the diffusion process. For rigid, perfectly elastic, spherical molecules the coefficient of mutual diffusion d1,2 is, in square centimeters per second,

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n is Loschmidt number (the number of molecules per cubic centimeter); Missing Image:IMG src="c_files/sigmasm.gif"'1, Missing Image:IMG src="c_files/sigmasm.gif"'2 and m1, m2 are the effective molecular diameters and masses of the two gases, respectively; T is the temperature,K; and k is Boltzmann constant.


This article is based on NASA's Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use